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First issue: Ephemeral Heritages

HYBRID is an international peer-review bilingual journal (French-English) supported by Labex Arts-H2H (http://www.labex-arts-h2h.fr/) and published online by the Presses Universitaires de Vincennes. We propose to make this journal part of the wide line of thought on “digital humanities” while emphasizing the relationship between digital technologies and the artistic and literary practices, place of the individual in digital contexts, reflections on the “post-alphabetic” and “post-human” concepts, research practices as influenced by the digital, “augmented” scientific and literary publications, digitized and digital heritage approaches, “virtual” museums, shapes and aspects of the “post-digital” art, stakes of the “digital culture” education, epistemological and critical reflections on digital communication and information (non exhaustive list).

Patrimoines éphémères

In the late 20th century, the digital was welcomed as the solution to the heritage preservation issues encountered in many fields: in this perspective, books, newspapers, but also paper, photographical, film and audiovisual archives were digitized and made available to a great number of users while maximizing their preservation. In a few cases, the substitute digital support became a genuine preservation support (like certain film archives whose original material was quite unstable).

“ephemeral heritage” leads to a question, whose reach extends way beyond the mere digital aspect: how shall we define a budding heritage “worthy” to be acquired, collected, selected and preserved through the doctrines, standards and practices of museum, archives, historical monuments professionals (among others)? These doctrines, standards and practices are themselves regularly questioned and revitalized by researchers, artists and citizens alike. On the opposite, what is excluded from the long-term preservation approaches: creations, archives, everyday objects, delicate and insignificant traces of human activity?

Labex Arts-H2H

The Laboratory of Excellence in Arts and Human Mediations is part of the “Investments for the future” program since 2011. As part of this program, its members conduct research following three main lines: situations, technologies, hybridization.

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