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Pedagogy of criticism, criticism of pedagogy

Project leader:
Cécile Sorin

In collaboration with:

The cinema criticism in France is mainly approached from two angles: the history of prestigious journals, or the biographical/esthetic study of important figures of criticism. From those angles, criticism is often analyzed in its evaluating, esthetic and political function and its ability to build relations with cinematographic production. For all that, pedagogy is part of the functions of criticism since the beginning of the 20th century.

This project is led by all 4 research lines of the ESTCA (represented by Christian Delage, Eugénie Zvonkine et Frédéric Sabouraud) and will work on the relation between teaching and cinematographic criticism. At the University of Paris 8, cinema research and teaching are developed through criticism and published journals: Les Cahiers du Cinéma, Cinéthique, Melba, L’Art du cinéma, Trafic…

We aim at promoting this unifying culture and history and having the opportunity to
nourish a reflection on relations between pedagogy and cinematographic criticism: educational function of criticism through its history and great figures of criticism, history of interactions between cinematographic education and journals, criticism and theoretical learning, criticism and staging learning, comparative studies between cinematographic criticism and criticism in other art fields, international prospects. We will try to understand how criticism deeply renewed and developed cinema teaching, and make a contemporary update.

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