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P2S - performing arts heritage

Project leader:
Joël Huthwohl

Heritage, performing arts, virtual museum, accessibility, audience

In partnership with:
Paragraphe, EA 349
Scènes et savoirs, EA 1573

In collaboration with:
Centre d’histoire culturelle des sociétés contemporaines
Université Paris 3, Sorbonne Nouvelle

Performing arts heritage is a profuse and varied subject, though complicated to preserve as well as analyze. This memory might take advantageof new technologies and creative promotion to stimulate diffusion and accessibility. This project aims to highlight those evolutions.

The P2S team thus engages in exploratory research on performing arts heritage from a historiographic work and precise archives referring to a short period of theater history (1877 - 1887). This large iconographic gathering could be used later for the door in theater (stage, set, foyer, dressing rooms, room, backstage area, city).

From 2013 on, seminars, symposiums and meetings will be regularly organized in order to present preliminary results of the project. The techological side of this project will take shape with a multimedia computer tool opening this research work to a general audience. In 2015, the project wants to create a permanent space for promotion of this heritage in the Quadrilatère Richelieu, called the Rotonde des Arts du Spectacle.

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