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Music, philosophy and sound ecology

Project leader:
Makis Solomos

In collaboration with:
Association ART&FACT
Filigrane journal
LAM (Lute-making Acoustics Music)
University of Lille 3
Centre International d’Études de Philosophie Française Contemporaine (International Center of French Contemporary Philosophy Studies)
ENS Paris
Steel band DEDALUS
Laboratoire Acoustique Musique Urbaine (Laboratory Acoustics Urban Music)
École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture Paris-La Villette (School of architecture)
University of Girona, Spain
Hochschule der Künste, Zürich Switzerland
Technological educational institute of Crete, Greece
Conservatoire of Naples, Italy
Akademie der bildenden Künste, Vienna
Centre des Monuments Nationaux (CMN)

Musical sound now represents a node of practical and theoretical issues. This project will question how sound constantly interacts with what surrounds it, calling on a definition of ecology suggested by Félix Guattari: a relation to nature, social and economic reality and human subjectivity.

By exploring tones or sounds, placing space as a main factor, suggesting new kinds of experiments such as sound immersion, today’s music as well as sound art changes our relation to sound in a substantial way. And this in production as well as in listening which becomes a main line for many researchers. What is a sound? What is the relation between the sound and the listener?

The Écoutes croisées days will be in situ performances, with sound and musical creations combined with different paths inviting listeners to experience new ways of listening. This will be added to seven seminars, four symposiums and four conferences that will intersperse the progression of this ambitious project.

Because we also want to address a broader public, this project will lead tp published books, performances and exhibitions. Finally, a DVD, a collaborative book entitled Qu’est-ce que l’écologie du son ? (What is sound ecology?) and a website will be created and available for a large audience.

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