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Musical prose and instrumental gesture 1 : The Six Bagatelles for string quartet by Anton Webern

Project leader:
Jean-Paul Olive

In collaboration with :
Pôle supérieur de musique 93

Based on the categories of musical prose and instrumental gesture, this project aims at creating a 50-minutes documentary about Anton Webern’s Six Bagatelles for string quartet opp 9. Short, intense and known as very hard to play and listen to, these Bagatelles are incredibly lyrical, sensual and extraordinarily structured.

We mainly aim at analyzing behaviors in musical creation, whether it is composition, interpretation or reception, through a critical and dynamic approach. The project clearly presents a pluridisciplinary logic in which several media (music, text, cinema) — while maintaining their specificities — echo eachother and create a new writing enabling to pass on the artistic phenomenon’s wealth and complexity.

This film fall within a greater research program of several years, studying the Vienna School (especially A. Schoenberg, A. Berg, A. Webern). It also aims at experimenting a specific pedagogy, which opening to other fields (music, musicology, cinema) will enable young artists to be critical about their own art and praxis.

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