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Processes of actors direction, transmission and exchanges

Project leader: Jean-François Dusigne

In collaboration with:
Association de Recherche des Traditions de l’Acteur (ARTA)
International Theatre Institute (ITI)
Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico

This project follows the two previous sessions of the project Actors direction as an artistic creation process in 2011-2012 and 2012-2013. We wish to lean on practical observations to consider creation processes of performing arts, through the different forms of exchange between artists who contribute to a common work, on stage or on television. And this in a prospect of direction, transmission of experiences and skills sharing.

We want to analyze what happens between all collaborators during the creation work, according to different approaches of actors direction and behaviors resulting from choices, processes and esthetic directions. Those psycho-physical relations, which are not limited to discussions, involve the perceptible body in a well-defined space-time highlighting abilities such as vulnerability or porosity.

Throughout the year, our project will lead to workshops, international meetings and a symposium including the projection of several movies, for instance SLT : lieu de c(L)asse.

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