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Digital Magic Symposium

November 13-14 2017

ENS Louis-Lumière
Cité du Cinéma
20, rue Ampère
93200, Saint-Denis

Métro Carrefour Pleyel (ligne 13)

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At any time, illusionists have been using technical and technological means in their performances in order to « catch us out on our customary beliefs and our classical way of reasoning » (S. Alzaris). Innovations in optics, acoustics, physics and electricity found their place in the performances of Philippe Talon, Jean-Eugène Robert- Houdin or Henri Robin. Today, the Internet and digital technologies have blurred the frontiers between the real and the virtual and made it possible to create an illusion and magic. In order to define this magical interstice, this symposium proposes to establish a dialogue between magicians, image technicians, artists, researchers and theorists working on (magical) illusion and the digital world. It is also an invitation to study the way in which the magical modes, by testing digital technologies in sonorous and visual devices, and in the arts, produce ruptures between the real world and the virtual one.

How do artists draw their inspiration from magic in order to cause that shift into an uncertain illusionist space? How do magicians use new technologies to fill us with wonder and bring the magic moment to life? How does technology transform the perceptive modes of art (photography, cinema, television, theater, digital art)?

What is the impact on the creative process? How did the outcome of the digital world move the practice of illusion effects among artists and magicians? How deceptive is the digital? Last, how does creative research romote magical effects with the digital?

Scientific directors : Miguel Almiron, Sébastien Bazou, Judith Guez, Giusy Pisano.
Organization : Miguel Almiron et Sébastien Bazou.

Work : Magic Fusion de Marc Dossetto © magicfusion.com Picture : Sandra Guadagnino © sg-photos.com
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