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Augmented brochures for exhibitions: test areas

Project leader:
Alexandra Saemmer

In collaboration with:
University of Bergen, Norway

As for every digital book, museum brochures "enriched" or "augmented" for tablets are currently torn between a printed book tradition, innovation sometimes so audacious that they can unsettle the reader, and a very fluctuating public opinion. The augmented digital brochure for exhibition has not yet been studied according to the media proposals on the device, the designers’ imagination nor the readers’ practices.

Our scientific approach will be innovative in the object of study chosen as well as the interdisciplinary methodology. We will lead interviews with publishers and designers partners of the project (Réunion des musées nationaux et BPI-Centre Pompidou) in order to explore the imaginations of books and digital readings that those actors mobilize. A "semio-rhetoric" methodology will allow us to analyze how "screen-pages" to be read, watched or handled prefigure reading practices.

We will create innovative figures, formats and forms in order to conceive an augmented brochure for exhibitions that will be part of the corpus, in collaboration with the Rmn. We will compare "practices anticipations" in the digital brochures of the corpus, with a study of practices in a situation to show potential tensions between expectations, anticipation and representations.

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